Billion Dollar Dreams

Trading and investing advisory services for Hedge funds. Institutional investors and HNIs specially focusing on  Futures & Options in Global markets

2 Millions to Billion in 180 Months

Ensure min 30% profit on capital invested in every trade and can get over 100% in several trades annually.

You have full control over your money as you can trade with any brokerage company you wish.

we are not just for capital protection,we are for great profits consistently which is what investors are looking for.

Trades are short term may run not more than 4-6 weeks.

If you are a large institutional investor/Hedge fund/HNI trading and investing in any market across the global markets in Futures & options of stocks.commodities and Forex

Then Profitrade is the best solution for highly profitable trading in any market condition both short term and long term.

Please contact us or call for discussion to start trading


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